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SuperNatural Paradox

SuperNatural Paradox

Shin Rento was an "Ordinary" high schooler that no one liked. His obsession with vampires causes him to try out spells to turn him into one, which later finds out it causes him more trouble than he had asked for. Mean while in town, strange and mysterious deaths start occuring and no one knows what's happening, or give a second thought about it. Shin Rento's life changed when a new transfer student (Surina Abigata) joins the class and instantly becomes obsessed with Shin. With the two working together they form a new club to solve mysteries on the strange deaths within the town along with two other class mates, Koto (the kid Shin doesn't get along with) and Sophia (The girl of Shin's dreams). The question is, what's really going on in their town?

Author: Joseph Boehler

Category: Vampire, Tragedy, Supernatural, School Life, Romance, Psychological, Mystery, Horror, Harem, Drama, Demons, Comedy, Action

Date Added: Aug 20, 2012

Status: Ongoing

Total views: 332

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